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Klaipėda County Women’s LIONS Club Smiltė celebrated the decade of activity

The first LIONS Club in Lithuania was founded in 1990. In Klaipėda, women gathered in 2005. In the middle of May 2015, 10 years will have been passed since the moment, when 25 women from Klaipėda have become the members of LIONS association.

Women of different occupations, age and interests gathered and decided to solve social problems together. Twenty five women, who have been calling each other sisters from that day on.

Yes, all of us are united by similar experiences in the past and the same scars... All of us remember the times, when there was a lot of volunteer work and no clubs. When the only public organisation was the Red Cross. Maybe this is our unique connection: the same perception of our goals and objectives.

We were connected by feminine goodness, sympathy, selflessness and desire to help. Maybe it was a silent protest against political decisions in our country. Gathered in the LIONS club Smiltė, we are trying to leave the trace and we can say already that today, this unique trace is noticeable in sand dunes tousled by wind. The charity and the sacrifice are the most meaningful: they are the greatest gifts and values that can save us from any crisis. Their greatest advantage is that they are constant: they do not burn, rust, sink, they are not afraid of depreciation and the investment to them pays off ten times and it never goes to waste. Thus, we have been doing this work in Lithuania for ten years; the work which was started almost one hundred years ago by Melvin Jones.