A Gift Basket of Smiltė to the Talents

One of the first concerts was organised together with students from S. Šimkus Conservatory. Thus, the name of the project “Smiltės Kraitė Talentams” has been created.

It is difficult to name what was put into this gift basket supporting S. Šimkus Conservatory: a support for CD records, we covered the trip of three talented students of S. Šimkus Conservatory of Music to the competition in Italy; we donated 2000 LTL for student jazz orchestra to buy the instruments; the donation of 2000 LTL was made to buy an accordion; we donated 3000 LTL to support talented students of conservatory who went to Europeade in Austria in 2008; we supported a student A. Zalcas who had lost his parents: we donated 5000 LTL to purchase an instrument; we donated 4950 LTL to purchase an electronic piano necessary in education of young performers so they could perform in places, with no piano present; when the Conservatory celebrated its 90th anniversary, we donated 3000 LTL for a concert grand piano.

We donated 7000 LTL for the unveiling ceremony of the renovated altar of the church organised by Kretinga’s Franciscan brothers from the Monastery of the Revelation also for the construction of the chapel in Oncological Centre of St. Francis of Assisi. We also donated 1000 LTL to the day centre for people with disabilities “Lakštutė” and bought 50 tickets (1050 LTL) to the charity concert to support the centre and we also donated money to the television project Bėdų Turgus. The special kindergarten Versmė was also supported.

At the moment, the club is preparing a contract with Klaipėda Youth Theatre, which will help to expand significantly the opportunities to help talented children. The sisters of Smiltė are convinced that unity, love and sympathy are the meaning of our life.We orient our work of feminine LIONS club towards this direction.

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