I Am a Citizen

In 2011, Klaipėda County LIONS Smiltė Club was chosen as the most public-spirited one.

The public spirit encompasses such values like morals,work, honesty, virtuousness, public service to one’s country (Mandatory military service), active participation in election(voting), participation in civil campaigns,familiarity with history respect to the

It is a definition from the perspective of the political science. In 2011, the entire team of Klaipėda County Women’s LIONS Club Smiltė was one of the winners in the campaign organised by Klaipėda municipality “Aš – Pilietis”. So what does a public-spirited club means for us, the Sisters of Smiltė?

A public-spirited person is the one who is tolerant, free, able to serve for the society, help people in material and spiritual troubles, the one who is interested in Lithuania, family and who cares about his/her neighbours. Maybe the public spirit is simply a state of mind of an ordinary human being who thinks and dreams about luck and who does ordinary work, because one job done is better than a thousand ideas. When these works are performed by a team, together with those whose minds are alike, the taste of a duty done prevails. Public spirit is the love of a person to his/her homeland, obligation to the state and following of traditions. Most of us do not even question whether the love for homeland can be selfish or beneficial. However, there are not many members of the contemporary society who do something without expecting to receive something back. Is a selfless public spirit possible today? One may conclude that the public spirit does not come from anywhere; the basis for it is created by the family, the school contributes to the development thereof

Those are the essential principles of LIONS Code of Conduct, their objectives and goals. They correspond to the great values of citizens of the world as well as ours as Lithuanians. And we are proud to be members of such a club.

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